Mercedes-Benz V-Class Avantgarde chauffeur service Budapest

chauffeur driven car rental Budapest

chauffeur driven car rental Budapest

Frequently Asked Questions

-How will we meet the chauffeur at the airport?
-If you have requested the meet and greet service the chauffeur will hold a sign or a name board. If for some reason you can’t find us please call +36 20 9292722 or the chauffeur driver's mobile number provided with the booking confirmation. We kindly request that you don’t leave the terminal before finding us.

-If my flight arrives early, will my chauffeur be there?
-Yes, we monitor all flights so we will be there even if your flight arrives earlier then expected.

-How long does it take to get from Budapest Airport to Budapest city center?
-From Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport to Central Budapest takes about 25-40 minutes, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.

-What happens if my flight is delayed?
-We will monitor your flight and arrive when your the plane has landed to save on any waiting time. If for any reason you are then delayed more than one hour, hold ups at Customs etc, extra parking fee is charged which is EUR 4 per half hour.

-Will the chauffeur drive in excess of any speed limits?
-Absolutely not! None of our chauffeurs will ever speed.

-Will my chauffeur respect my privacy and confidentiality?
-Absolutely. What is said in the car, stays in the car.

-Will my chauffeur carry my luggage?
-Yes, your chauffeur will always offer to help carry your bags and luggage.

-Will my chauffeur chat to passengers?
-Our chauffeurs will be polite and discreet at all times. If the passenger would like to talk or ask questions then the chauffeur will then happily respond.